05 February 2012

Steak Lover

We love dining or eating out and my husband is a big steak lover. He enjoys a sumptuous meal with a medium done rib eye steak complemented with the perfect steak seasoning.

I am really amazed with my husband's appetite. I am not much of a meat eater so whenever we go to restaurants, I skip the meat area and order the salads and seafood platter instead. My husband once cooked a nice steak (well done of course, for my pleasure!) at home and it was soft and moist. I have tasted steaks before too but I really prefer the well-done kind because I am such a fussy eater.

I am thinking of treating my steak-lover husband to a fine dining date this Valentine's Day in one of the nice steak house restaurants here in Dubai. There is Tony Roma's, Outback Steak and other fine restaurants that serve this kind of meal. I just hope I can satisfy my husband's taste.


  1. Hi Ria,

    My husband loves to eat steaks too. He does his own cooking with steak.

    Thanks sa comment on my post. Like a couple of seconds after hitting the brake on my car, I continued driving coz I had the right of way.


  2. I'm sure your hubby would love that idea. Steaks in lieu of flowers or chocolate :). That'll shoot right through his stomach...to his heart.

  3. Hi Marly and Pepper!

    Thanks for the comments :) I feel like checking the internet for some nice and juicy steak recipe to cook for my darling. I am also checking out restaurants here for a nice dinner with his favorite meal of course :)


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