17 February 2012

Stop Smoking

I never understand the reason why people have to huff and puff nicotine. I try to understand as much as I can the benefits of doing so but I just don't get it. Nicotine is an alkaloid found in plants. It has a stimulating effect to mammals and that may have caused the habit-forming ability of people to smoke. That is why a lot of people find it difficult to quit smoking. It is very addictive.

Smoking is a risk factor for the following: heart ailments, stroke and lung cancer. Not only that, it is also linked to cancers of the mouth, bladder, kidney, cervix and others. These effects are only for the smokers. How about the passive smokers who are unwillingly exposed to the ill effects of smoking? They breathe in the harmful substances coming from smoking cigarettes and may trigger asthma and lower respiratory diseases including lung cancer.

This is not something we can shrug our shoulders and move on. I am really thankful that a lot of companies, civic bodies and government institutions are taking part to pass information about the adverse effect of smoking to health. Many public areas are putting up designated areas for smoking. Plenty of malls, offices and public transportation have banned smoking in their premises. We may not be able to stop everyone from smoking but at least we can help some to cut back and others to stop smoking now.

There are ways to help smokers quit this vicious habit. There are help centers out there to provide informative guides, support and counselling to participants who wish to cease the habit. Evaluating Adverse Events in a Global Smoking Cessation Study or EAGLES is just one of the companies supporting the "quit-smoking" campaign. Their trial research aims to assist smokers to kick the habit and live a clean and healthy life.

I don't smoke but I have seen people suffer because of this bad habit. Let us just help out and put a stop to this because smoking is harmful to you and to the rest of us who are not even smoking.

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