25 February 2012

Turning 40

When I was young, I used to think that as soon as you turned 40, you were considered old. What did I know then that I didn't know now? I didn't realize that I would be in the same position - I would turn 40 soon.

I will leave the "thirty-something" group in a matter of few weeks. I am not freaking out because I am turning 40. I am rather feeling uncertain because I will soon become a middle-aged woman. Is there something wrong about that? Certainly not. I think it's normal to feel uneasy because you don't know what the future holds. All I know is, I am adding another year in my existence, more gray hair sprouting from my crowning glory, added crow's feet here and there, slight achy joints and a wider girth this time! Oh, let's not forget the weird mood swings too. Well, I am ready for them but are they ready for me?

40! It's becoming a very big number. Imagine putting that many candles on my cake... I would run out of air blowing all of them just as I am trying to blow away the worries and fears of middle-age. I am convincing myself that it can't be that bad. I have friends who are pushing 50 this year and they managed to stay happy all throughout the middle-age ordeal. This too will pass. On the contrary, I should be happy because my life is just beginning just like the adage "Life begins at 40!" and so is mine.

Oh, happy 40th birthday to me!!! Thank you God for this blessing.


  1. Happy birthday, Ria! Sayang, I have no twitter account...can't join your birthday contest...

  2. We are of the same age pala sis....

  3. Thanks for the greetings my sisters :) I feel so rejuvenated. I know I am entering another chapter in my life. Like they said, life begins at 40, mine's just about to begin ;)



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