13 March 2012

3 Weeks After the Move

People who know me will notice one thing, my smile. Not that I am very stringent with it but it is the opposite. I am quite the smiley-face but this time, the smile is more bright, pronounced and plastered longer than usual. I actually have painful cheeks now for smiling non-stop. And why you might ask? Drum roll please... I AM HAPPY where I am now. I won't give any more specific but if you're following my blog, you know what I am talking about.

I feel awkward at first because I am not used to having some time to actually breathe properly but now it's like that. I just have to adjust and get used to the idea of finally having the time to breathe, relax once in a while and chat with the people around me.

It's been great so far. I know I will have moments of stress and pressure too but every one is just helpful and supportive. I can get used to this :)

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