08 March 2012

Don't Jump Into Conclusions

Well, I have a very funny thing to tell you. My daughter is a friend of mine in Facebook. And please don't judge me for allowing her to have an account. She is a smart and sensible kid so she knows who to accept in her friends' circle in Facebook. Okay, going back to what I am supposed to tell you. I can actually view her posts in my wall and there was one she just posted few minutes ago regarding how she got home safe and that her friends left her in the school bus and she hear the teen-aged boys calling her name and saying malicious things. I don't know the whole story but I left some comments in her message trail and asking her friends as well to tell me if the boys don't stop teasing my daughter. And then I paused and thought for a while? Was I over-reacting? Did I even bother asking my daughter the full account of the story behind the message? Or was my daughter just sending out coded messages to her friends? Whatever her reasons are, I decided to ask her.

In all honesty, I am not really someone who jumps into conclusion or quick to judge like some people I know. So, I asked my daughter if someone was harassing her in the school bus. She said none so I asked why she wrote something like that on her wall post. Then she started laughing. She told me she was just listening to the teen boys' conversations and she as shocked that she had to share it to her friends. GASP!!!

Upon hearing that, I almost wished the ground I was standing on would open up and swallow me alive! I was getting ready to go "fight-mode" and then good thing I asked her. 

So, lesson learned - never, ever jump into conclusion. Or better yet, never, ever meddle with your kid's affairs. I am so mortified.

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