08 March 2012

A Dream Wedding

Most girls dream of being a bride one day. I did too when I was young. And I must say, getting married is one of the best experience a woman can face in her lifetime. I don't even regret getting married because I married the person I love. We have been in this happy and sometimes challenging union for the past 15 years. Our union is nothing compared to the people I know who have been married for more than 50 years. And I too, would like to see myself growing old with the same man I married many moons ago.

I still dream of a wedding and this time, it will be for the second time with my husband. I keep teasing him that we should renew our vow and tie the knot in a place like paradise. I know it is a long shot to convince my pragmatic husband but I am already doing my research.

Our second union will be in a paradise here on Earth. I scoured the internet for great locations and have hits for fiji weddings, beach weddings, exotic weddings and a lot more. I am quite intrigued with Fiji.

I have heard that Fiji is such a beautiful, small island nation. The people are warm and friendly. The island is filled with lush vegetation and pristine, sandy beaches. I may have fear of the open seas but the calm and inviting ambiance of what I saw in Fiji's Namale Resort and Spa is enough to make me forget about my fears. If I am going to make a second memory of another love marriage then it will have to be in Fiji's Namale Resort and Spa. My husband will be captivated with the surroundings because he loves the beach area. And Fiji is the right place to be!

Fiji's number one resort, the Namale Resort and Spa has wedding packages and other offers as well to put fire in your romance and give your body and soul a time to relax too. The place boasts of dream houses, villas, bures and private areas where you can spend your honeymoon, reunion, gatherings and even location shooting with privacy. And all those in a place surrounded by clear waters and rich rain forest under the clear blue sky.

So, if you are dreaming of a perfect wedding, planning of a wedding or already married like I am, you can make a romantic memory in Fiji's Namale Resort and Spa.


  1. nice contents! happy weekend!

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  3. I agree with you that the girls dream for a abulous wedding.They start dreaming since their teenage. And try to find the best wedding destination, Thanks for this briliant post.


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