31 March 2012

Golfing in Dubai

Golfing in Dubai is one of the perks of the "can-afford" group of the society. Some golf course here are not as expensive as what people think. It's the cost of membership and golfing lessons that bothers me.

My husband took golfing activity briefly in the past. He got great deals on golf lessons from a friend but the heat and strenuous effort you have to exert to play the sport bothered him. And if you want to play well, you have to consider acquiring the accessories to help you improve your swing and the whole game itself.

He bought nice golf clubs and the whole nine yards. He had clothes to match the sport. He did not have any gadgets though. He realized that there were high-tech accessories to use in which golf gps is just one of the gadgets used.

I am quite relieved that he stopped the sport. It is taking so much of his time and the weather here in Dubai can be very merciless. His other friends still enjoy golfing regardless of the season and heat. Now that's what you call die-hard golfers.

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