05 March 2012

Hip Wear

I really don't know what hip, young people wear these days. When they say hip, I imagine loose, over-sized shirt matched with baggy and low-waist pants with Supra shoes and big caps. Also, include the bling-bling accessories and you have a hip person.

Well, I guessed as much. I just think of the hip-hop artists and I can now put two and two together. I am not sure if this fashion trend among the youngsters will ever go out of mode. This kind of clothing style has been in the scene for more than a decade now and it is still very favored by the younger generation. Could the reason be the comfort of these baggy and loose outfits give to the person or it is a style the young hipster likes to emulate? Whatever the reason is, I don't see it fading from the fashion scene.

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