25 March 2012

MyMemories Gift Wrapper Project

If your saving money or want to personalize your gift wrappers, one of the best way to do that is to create your own. MyMemories Suite is not only a digital scrapbooking software. It is versatile too and you can make plenty of printable projects with MyMemories Suite. And this week's project is gift wrapper. You can get free downloads of the template from my Freebies section on the sidebar of my blog. Here's a sample of a gift wrapper using the candy-wrapper freebie pack:

So, if you don't have MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software yet, here is my 10% off code you can use on your purchase. Please feel free to pass it around. Discount Code: STMMMS30652

Here's where you can buy the software: MyMemories.com

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  1. this is a neat idea ;) anyway, hi again... hope you're having a grand time now that spring is here!


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