28 March 2012


I will have a lot of serious catching up to do with communication technology. I am so behind with what's new. All I know is that, there is Blackberry, then there is Apple's iPhone and iPad. But, I don't know what's going on with the communication technology.

One testimony is the fact that I don't know what SimSimi is. I keep hearing it from friends and keep seeing treads on social network site about how fancy and cute SimSimi is. So I researched. I found out that SimSimi is an application in iPhone and other platforms using Android that you have to download. It is created in 2002 by a Korean tech company called ISMaker. It is a question-and-answer kind of application or simply put - a conversation application. SimSimi is like a smart entity with artificial intelligence responding to questions given by the users. Oftentimes, the reply comes as hilarious adding more fun and entertainment factor to the application. Here's a snapshot of a SimSimi chat (and by the way, SimSimi is so cute!).

Photo credit: appfinder.lisisoft.com


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  2. I didn't know also about this Simsimi until I have read this post. lol



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