21 March 2012

Think Before You Post

I was just watching the news about a foreigner dissing my home country - the Philippines. I don't want to glorify that person by naming him so I am sure that you have read this already in the news and this topic has been trending well in the social network sites. So, to cut to the chase, this foreigner posted a video about the many things he dislikes about my country. There are very few adjectives said to uplift the image of the country but mostly disgraceful.

Of course, when Filipinos like myself and other foreigners who feel otherwise about my country started to bombard the culprit, he was quick to retract and apologised publicly. Common now, you know this will become an issue! Who posts videos that are discriminating and racist and expect people not to take them seriously? I know to each his own and people are entitled to his or her opinion but if you hated my country that much, why did you even stay there for several years?

My country is not perfect or even close to that but which country is? Yours? I always believe that if you have nothing good to say, just say nothing. There's no need to bad-mouth the place that gave you home and took you in like you're one of its own for several years. Be grateful.

Anyway, the moral of the day is think before you post. Like what I did just now. I thought before I posted this and so should YOU!


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