10 March 2012

Thinner Thighs

Isn't this a common dream of the other half of the female population who are born with fuller figure? I dream of having thin thighs too but in a healthier vision of "thin." I think I must term it aptly as "toner thighs."

I used to be very thin before hitting mid-30's. I could fit in a size 0 or 1 jeans even after delivery. I was that skinny but things changed in my body. I got rounder and flabby. My thighs grew like big logs and I didn't know why and how. I just knew that one day, I could not fit into any of my normal jeans. I had to buy a bigger size now.

However, don't despair if you're in the same boat as I am. There are ways to slim and trim your flabby thighs but you have to commit to a regular exercise and proper eating habits.

1. Run or go for regular walks
Endurance sports build certain muscle fibers which does not bulk up. It makes your legs toner and firmer. Start your regular walk and then progress into jogging later on as you build up your endurance.

2. Do squats
If you are seated most of the time in the office, take a breather and stand. Use the back of your chair as support and do squats or side lifts. I normally do this in the office without a care.

3. Engage in Pilates
These workouts are designed to stretch and tone the muscles minus the bulky part.  However, doing Pilates alone cannot make your thighs slim. Combine this with other cardio routines and proper nutrition.

4. Weight Training
Adding this routine to your workout will help tone and firm your thighs especially if you concentrate on the leg areas. Body fat is burned during exercise and adding weight training to your exercise can speed up the fat-burning process and will help in making your thighs leaner and more shapely.

5. Eat properly
Remove junk food in your eating equation and replace them with healthier options like fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Minimize the intake of sodium and drink more water to eliminate water retention.

6. Climb the stairs
Use the stairs often than the elevator if you can. Lightly running up and down the stairs help burn out fats and will make your thighs firmer and leaner.

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