15 March 2012

Today I Am 40!

I think I am innately a thankful person. I know some people might consider turning a bit wacko to know they are turning a year older. I am feeling the opposite. I have been announcing to the whole world my age today - my 40th birthday.

40, it's such a big number and as I go through the years after this, it will get bigger and bigger until I will finally lose count of my age. Kidding aside, I am glad I am now 40. I have learned so much as I trudged along the highway of life for the past 39 years. And now that I am 40, I feel more confident and sure of myself because I have experienced so much. I am wiser now, more discerning and understanding, more loving and dedicated to the people who matters.

Life begins at 40. That's what they all say. So, now that I am 40, my life is just beginning. The road may be bumpy at some point but knowing that it's a part of life that we all have to go through makes accepting being 40 easier.

Well, the numbers are rising - my age, waistline, number of gray hairs, the crow's feet, my varicose veins and the number of medications I am taking. However, that won't stop me from enjoying what being 40 is - wise, smart and definitely in control.

I am 40 today. I am thankful for that. Thank you Lord for this wonderful day. Until my next birthday :)

Happy birthday to me! Sweet!

Photo credit: owner of Maxine cartoon


  1. happy birthday my dearest sissssy! mwah mwah tsup tsup :)

  2. Happy birthday Ms. Ria.. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
    Not just a year older, but a year better.

  3. Happy 40th Birthday! More wonderful years to come...


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