17 April 2012

Back From NYC

Shake Shack in Time Square
Personal photo of Ria Cervantes of www.riablahgs.com
Ah, I really love New York City! I just can't get enough of this wonderful place. I don't think I will ever get tired of NYC especially Manhattan.

The 4 days and 3 nights stay we had in midtown Manhattan was fun-filled and I managed to check a couple of items in my bucket list. If you're a follower of my blog, you should know by now how I love cherry blossoms. And I had tons of pictures taken in Central Park with cherry blossoms as my backdrop.

We also ate at Shake Shack which is another item off the bucket list. Now I know why people fall in line and wait for their turn to have a taste of the famous burger. The long line and wait was really worth it. This must be the yummiest burger I have tasted in my life! And this coming from a person who does not love burgers!

We missed to see Serendipity as my legs and feet were painful. I have used up a small tube of Bengay already. I even bought a box of Salonpas heat pads to ease the pain. My stomach was not cooperative as well. I had bad stomach for 3 days and I had to endure the whole thing while enjoying New York the second time around.

Of course, what's fun in NYC without the shopping? We went to Century 21 for some retail therapy! We bought a lot but the costs of the merchandise were really cheap and affordable rather than spending on normal malls. We didn't go to New Jersey anymore because we found whatever we needed to buy in Century 21.

We meet relatives and friends there and walked almost everywhere. I reached 25,000 plus steps in a day and I was over my quota already. That was the reason why my legs and feet were awfully painful.

I miss New York already. The weather was cool and breezy except when we left yesterday where the temperature was starting to soar. It's not new anymore since we're used to scorching heat in Dubai.

We will all come back to New York again and I hope in November 2012 when the weather is not as cold and uninviting.

I love New York!!!

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