18 April 2012

Bucket List

I think I was 5 years old when I started my bucket list. I remember writing them down but somewhere along the way, I lost the list but have them in my memory. One of that is to see the beautiful cherry blossoms up close. And I did!

I made an itinerary before traveling to New York with my husband few days ago. I told him that I have to see the cherry blossoms in Central Park and it was a must. Although this is the second time we have been in the beautiful city of New York, the last time was November so there was no cherry blossoms blooming. It was autumn and the leaves were wilting.

I am glad we had this short trip back to NYC to see the beautiful flowers. I even saw plenty of tulips so it was actually hitting two birds with one stone and I am very happy to see that most of the things I have written in my bucket list are actually getting ticked. Blessings! I am very thankful for the opportunity.

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