01 April 2012

The Burpee Exercise Routine

I have heard the term "burpee" before but never knew what it actually meant until I saw and video about it. But whay is burpee anyway?

Burpee is an exercise routine mostly done by athletes and army for strength training. It is named after Royal H. Burpee, an American physiologist who developed this rigorous routine to assess the fitness level of the army recruits in terms of agility, coordination and strength.

This full-body exercise targets plenty of muscles in the body like the mid-core, arms, legs and shoulders. It is a cheap and effective method of work-out to burn fats and build muscles.

The burpee is done by doing the following:

1. Start in a standing postion
2. Do a squat and put your hands on the floor in front of you
3. Push back your feet and legs in one swift motion into a plank position and do push up (the push up is an added variation and increases the intensity of the training)
4. Quickly return to the squat position
5. Return to the upright position and jump (the jump is an added variation for a more intense workout)
6. Repeat the cycle again and increase the speed of movement as you go along.

You can do this exercise as much as your body (and will power) can. I have been doing 10 counts for the past 3 days and my mid-core is really screaming PAIN! I think this exercise is really worth it. I'll come to know and see the changes in my body after a month's time.

So, do the burpee exercise for a quick and intense work out and cardio.

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  1. If you would like to function out your core workout, force it to function though standing and while synchronizing with other major muscle groups in your body. Performing this can give you an incredible full body workout though improving your body's ability to perform better in sports specific movements.


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