24 April 2012

Different Folks

This month is a socially challenging time for me. I have met various characters in my day to day dealing and I am not very happy about it.

People are unique and each one has characteristics that I may or may not like but it does not mean I have to avoid them. However, these past few days are trying times for me in terms of diplomacy and patience is considered. I have seen someone I knew for some time to shed true "dark" colors and I have met new characters that will make me cringe and want to smack them on the face.

It would have been nice if the interactions were a bit pleasant but these people really tested my patience and diplomatic tactics. I have already met 3 people who made my stomach turn. One was someone I have known for sometime to be a religious person who ended up disrespecting my family. The other two are old hags who have nothing good to say about other people, who gossips incessantly and mind other people's business.

I am irritated but at the same time, I feel sorry for them because they thought other people like them. On the contrary, even their own fellowmen disown them but life in this place is complicated than that. People here just tend to look the other way to avoid confrontation and harbor enemies. Who wants to go through their daily lives seeing them? No one in their right mind will but this is the harsh reality of life. The world is teeming with different species and unfortunately, these lowly ones have to share the same space as we normal people do.

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