19 April 2012

Fabulous Shopping Spree in NYC

I cannot get over gushing over NYC. So pardon me dear readers because I just love it there. If only we can live there for good, why not? However, our life is back home so I guess, allow me to just swoon over NYC.

My husband and I have so much fun every time we visit the place. This time, it was just the two of us. Our daughter didn't feel like traveling. Anyway, I have never seen my husband so enthusiastic about shopping in New York.

We went to Duane Reade several times to buy some groceries and stuff to bring home. He even checked the pharmacy area and asked me if he could buy testosterone supplements or the protein shakes. I asked him if he was even working out and wondered "do testosterone supplements work?" He paused and put the jar of supplements and the protein shake can back on the shelf and took other stuff instead like vitamins for our daughter, fish oil capsules for both of us and other vitamins and supplements for our parents back home.   I bought Bengay for my aching legs and feet due to all the walking we were doing there. I also bought my goodies in Duane Reade because everything I wanted to bring home was there. So why go all the way to Walgreens to buy stuff when Duane Reade was just around the corner where we stayed?

We also went to TJ Maxx and Century 21. I had a blast in Century 21. That place saved us the time and hassle of going to New Jersey where Jersey Gardens is. We bought whatever we could in Century 21 near Ground Zero. I bought so many designer bags and wallets. I also bought clothes for my daughter, nephews and nieces. I bought watches like Kenneth Cole and Unlisted for my husband and brother. My husband had plenty of loots as well. And you think only girls go crazy when shopping! He had more stuff in his cart than mine, so who is the shopaholic now?

The shopping didn't end there. He had to go back to TJ Maxx to pick up more stuff for his family and went to NBA store on the last day of our stay in NYC. I forgot to mention, we also went to the souvenir shops near our hotel to pick up some trinkets to bring home for our friends and colleagues. The whole shopping experience in NYC was marvelous. I am used to shopping in outlet malls whenever we are in the US but knowing there are good finds within Manhattan in NYC will definitely save us time and money. We don't have to go to Woodbury Commons which is another premium outlet in New York. If we are buying branded and designer items then we may consider visiting the other outlet malls nearby but I guess, TJ Maxx and Century 21 are enough and what we need to buy is right there anyway.

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