26 April 2012

Fun With Confetti

Photo credit: www.artistryinmotion.com
A certain event or special occasion is often highlighted with beautiful music, nice ambiance, perfect setting, great location, sumptuous treats and sometimes with magical confetti.

Confetti are small pieces or even streamers of papers cut in strips, shapes and sizes. They come in plenty of bold colors. They are usually used to add a more dramatic feel to a certain occasion or add pizzazz to an event.  Some confetti are dropped manually while others are projected using cannons. Throwing confetti in any way possible is dramatic and fun.

Event planners for major companies may consider adding confetti as part of their party accessories. They can order confetti and accessories for their next event. Concert organizers can make the event colorful and with a flair by ordering confetti with the band's, companies or sponsors' logo or name printed on the confetti. Others can choose to mix lightweight foam confetti in the lot and young kids will certainly love this. They can pick them up and use them as souvenirs too.

Plenty of confetti makers are offering various choices on the kind of confetti to use. The materials are not limited to papers anymore. There are metallic PVC, thin and lightweight foams, and rice paper that dissolve for easy cleaning or no-clean fuss. There are also accessories to aid the projection of confetti streamers by using cannons, wands, puff tails and foam balls in a multitude of bright, happy colors. What can be more fun than that?

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