08 April 2012

Good Bye Little Angel

Easter is supposed to beacon a fresh start, a new hope, a new life. My friend's Easter is the opposite. We just received the news that my future-godson did not survive and  whilst in his mother's womb. I know  how devastated my friend and her husband is to find out the news of their unborn. The irony of the whole ordeal is, the baby is due anytime from today until next week. My friend carried him for 9 full months only to find out this morning that he did not have any heart beat anymore.

I feel lost right now. I feel sorry for the loss of a little baby whose parents are so eager to have him come home and instead, he went home to the Lord.

There are things in life that we just cannot question much as we try to understand the reason behind every circumstance. He has a grand plan for everyone. And even if we try to connect the dots why things like this happen, who are we to question?

I just pray that my friend and her family recovers from this loss. I know that no amount of words or sympathy can comfort a grieving mother's heart. I pray for her and the husband to be strong and never lose faith in God. I can only offer my prayers but God will cast His healing love.

To the little angel we will never see nor hold even for a short while, we pray that you follow the path the Lord has made for you. Guide your mama and papa and pray for us in Heaven. So long my little godson. Rest in heavenly peace.

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