04 April 2012

House Cleaning As An Exercise

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Ever since I read a blog about someone's successful and remarkable weight loss of more than 135 lbs in few months, I am determined at any cost to do everything to keep me going and moving. I started with burpee exercise and Zumba. Now I am moving to house cleaning.

It will not be my second day job. I am cleaning my house as often as I can these days without the aircondition unit on. I sweat like crazy and can feel every inch of my muscle move. Cleaning the house can be a good and cheap form of exercise. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. You move a lot especially when you're scrubbing the floor tiles and the walls. That's a lot of muscle movement for the arms and upper torso.

2. You bend a lot when you mop, apply floor wax and pick up loose trash on the floor. The goal here is to try to stick to the conventional way of cleaning the house. Imagine the good old years when there was no vacuum cleaner and you have to literally pick up the trash and throw it to the bin.

3. You sweat a lot because you're moving non-stop. And don't try to cheat on this one. Don't use the electric fan or aircondition unit. Sweat it out like you would in a spa. This is a cheaper version of a sauna. Enjoy the free sauna at home!

4. It's a good cardio exercise especially when you are polishing the floor sans the floor polisher. Do it the old-fashioned way by using an old rag and you're good foot and leg. Now do that up and down movement with your foot on the floor. That's a good form of thigh and leg firming session right there.

After a good hour or so of cleaning, don't you feel great and sweaty? Just remember that sweating means your muscles are crying ;) Clean some more and treat it as a good, free and very cheap way of losing weight and getting fit and toned.

Now go and clean!

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