21 April 2012

Promiscuous Person

I know someone who had the misfortune of falling in love with a promiscuous person. I felt bad for my friend because he didn't have an iota of a clue about the real person behind the promiscuous being.

All our friends gathered to warn our dear pal about the person but love was such a strong force to reckon with. So, our friend pushed through with the relationship. We let it pass and just realized that they broke up several years ago.

Then one day, the person in question resurfaced with a major shocker. She gave birth! Our friend and all of us were in total shock. Our friend considered to take paternity test to make sure he was the father. They broke up many moons ago so why would this girl be coming forward now to reveal something as big as a baby news? 

People are really mysterious and weird. Love is equally weird but powerful to the point of blinding someone about the facts surrounding the person they love. If people are just wise and will think before they act then things like these can be avoided.

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