01 April 2012

Spring Cleaning Goal

I thought my spring cleaning was done already. I was wrong. I still found some stuff that needs to be either thrown or given away. The old clothes are still brimming in the closet. My old bags need new homes and owners and my husband's big trophy on bowling sits at the corner of our living room closet, gathering dust.

I am seriously getting tired of the cycle of getting or buying stuff and keeping them only to be put in oblivion or stand as dust collector. My house is not big and yet we have so much stuff. I'm not sure if I can keep up cleaning the house because it's getting very tiring.

We need to follow a strict rule of refraining from buying unnecessary stuff. I feel like throwing out everything and starting a fresh beginning where we will only have the valuables and the necessary.

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  1. Hello, hope you will respond to my email which I sent to you awhile ago. Thank you.



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