12 April 2012

Throwing Thrash

I am done with hoarding unnecessary stuff and even broken ones. I have adapted a new principle in life where if something is broken and cannot be fixed, I will throw it. I used to keep things thinking I may still have it fixed but that never happened. I feel so bad when it comes to electronics because by the time I can attend to a busted appliance, there is a new model or parts are hard to find. It is a different matter with other things especially clothing, accessories and paper stuff. You can either donate the clothes or sell them to second-hand clothing shop and same with your accessories. The paper stuff can be recycled or kept in a rack sack so we can sell them off later per kilo. I am sure they go to the recycling plants as well but at least we get paid for them. After I am done with spring cleaning, I will keep a stock of what is only essential. I am so tired clearing mess after mess and so on. It ends now.

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