18 April 2012

Will E-Commerce Be For Us?

I have mentioned in the past about my desire to put up my own online clothing and accessories store but kept putting it off because I still don't have the money to buy the goods I want to sell. I am also still a full-time career person especially now that I moved to a new department. My goal has been set aside for the meantime. However, my husband has the knack for selling stuff.

Before we left for New York, my husband already prepared a list of what to buy which he would sell later on. I offered to help him put up an online shop. So, I checked the internet for any free e-commerce sites and found some. I also looked for a good website builder to help create the online shop website I have been dreaming off. Unfortunately, my husband still prefers to stick with the most popular way of letting the word out about his side-line - word of mouth!

His selling method does work and it is free so I cannot compete with that. I do think that with his talent and large circle of network, he can be successful with an online shop. And it all comes down to the big question, how much money will we have to shell out to finance the e-commerce? Is it really a business for me or us that we can handle and be successful in the long run?


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