06 May 2012

The Birthday Boy

It's my husband's 42nd birthday today. I am quite surprised that for once, we are not throwing any lavish party this time. We just had a simple family dinner at home. We ordered from one of our favorite restaurants and decided to stay home and enjoy each other's company.

My daughter and I presented our small gift to him a while ago. I just love the look in his face when he saw his birthday gift. It's simple but very functional. We bought him an iPad/iPhone flash disk. It's the first time I saw the product and ever since he got hooked with Apple products, our gifts have revolved around that.

He's tinkering with his iPad/iPhone flash now as I write this. I can't help but smile because he just appreciates anything you give him no matter how big or small. To him, it's always one of the best gifts he has ever received for his special day.

Happy Birthday honey! God bless and May you have more healthy and happy celebrations of life!

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