13 May 2012

Getting Mails The Old Fashioned Way

Our company is a well-known airline institution. Our head quarters is very modern with contemporary feel. The technology used is advanced but the mailing system is still conservative.

I thought, before going to the new office, the central mailing system in our office can sort internal and external paper documents with bar codes. I even thought there would be mail booths on every floor with a connecting mailing tube for faster distribution since our office is huge and houses almost 90% of the company's various departments. I was so surprised to see the messenger one day pushing a cart with separate plastic bins for each department on the respective floors. I remember seeing the same scene on some American movies and TV series.

For a prestigious airline company to have a conservative mail sorting and distribution system is a wonder for me. I am sure that this old-school process can still be enhanced if they will only provide budget.

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