09 May 2012

Getting Noticed At Work

Ever since I joined the corporate bondage, I never really had that particular moment I could claim to fame. I am not in the management level but I had made peace with that fact a long time ago. I feel my personality will never be right for higher management.

Things changed in my career when I moved to my current department. It is a big department and moving around one-level up is quite normal there. I know some who began as temp staff and became one grade higher than me as soon as they were absorbed by the company. So, moving around here for promotion is not difficult.

I don't intend to shine where I will have to step on other people. That's not my game and I play fair. However, I am still feeling a bit unsure on how to reach about the attention I am getting from everyone. It started when I had a meeting yesterday and I prepared the minutes (even if it was not my job to do that) in a formal and professional manner.  Only few people were supposed to see that but my immediate boss told me how impressed the recipients were and that everyone was talking about it already. I thought to myself  that it was a minutes of the meeting, how complex could composing one be? But I am truly grateful that people are appreciating and noticing me in a positive light.

Some of them called me to say the minutes was so precise and down to the last details. Others asked for a copy and pointers on how I did it. I know it was just a simple thing to do but I guess, when I poured my heart on doing something, it does show.

I am thankful and appreciative as well for the opportunities coming my way in this new department.  I still have a lot of learning and digesting of information to do but I am happy that I am getting the support I have always wanted  from where I came from.

I am not in a hurry to move up. I am not even planning on that but if new opportunities present themselves in the appropriate time then I may consider. For now, I just want to soak it all in and enjoy the pat on the back (no stabbing please! hahaha).

Moving here is still one of the best decisions I have made in my career. I just have to play my cards right.

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