17 May 2012

Online Fun

Photo credit: owners of the games
I love playing online. It helps me ease the tension, de-stress and forget the trivialities of life. I play mostly arcade, simulator and puzzle games. I also play slot machines and online bingo. I find them very entertaining especially the casino games since I cannot go to a casino for real.

There are several sites that offer endless fun and entertainment through games and one of the biggest social network site to play online games is in Facebook. Aside from that, famous sites like Yahoo and online bingo site Wink Bingo offers are also offering games. Some games are free while others are trial basis on a limited time then you have to buy to proceed to the next level.

I have bought licensed games in the past for myself and my daughter so we have something else to do aside from the usual activities we have regularly. The long summer months in this country leaves us cooped at home most of the time after school and work. We finish our normal activities like studying, doing the household chores, feeding our pet and preparing meals for the day before we engage in our online activities. Although my frequency of playing time has diminished significantly. I still check online games once in a while.

Online games varies in terms of genre and audience. I tend to stick to the wholesome kind and ones that do not involve shelling out money. I have to cater to my daughter's interests too so I check out the games' rating and review before I let her play for a short period of time. She likes the baking kind and timed puzzles which help develop her creativity and sharpens her logic with the puzzle-solving games. We both enjoy farming games too and creating cities because they are colorful and you can actually visit other players' cities and farms and help out in the process.

Some games can be time consuming especially the role-playing games or RPG. I do not let my daughter play any of those games because of their nature and theme. We just stick to the child-friendly ones. I do have my preference of games to play though but I try not to engage too often. I just have to know the limitations. It is a matter of self-control while having fun on the side.

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