16 May 2012

Party Supplies Business

I am thinking of so many business to engage in when I have the right amount of capital to start with. I have a list of the business I want to pursue if ever I save enough money. One of the business I have in mind is to put up a party supplies store and a custom cake bakery. The combination is perfect!

The party supplies store will have the knick-knacks needed in parties of different kind. There will be various types and colors of balloons, streamers and banners, tables and stackable chairs for less, confetti, paper plates and cups, utensils, party hats and noise makers and party favors. The added convenience of having a party supplies store is the custom-cake bakery which will cater to the clients. It will be a party supplies store all in one.

I know it will cost me a fortune to set this up. My in-laws are willing to share and offer a place I can rent out or even use for free but it is not in the city. It is still early to say since I do not have the capital yet but it is all in my head now. If this does not pan out as I hoped to be then I can pursue my other interests in the retail world of fashion.

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