04 May 2012

Trip To Miami

Working in one of the most prestigious airlines in the world has so many perks and one of the top benefits is the  opportunity to travel anywhere. Traveling is one of my family's favorite activity. We always make sure that we travel annually to any destination in the world. We can have a repeat visit to a certain place we are fond of or we can go to a new place to discover new things, experience new culture and see more beautiful scenery.

United States of America is one of our favorite counties to visit. We have been there several times and we certainly enjoy every states we have visited in the past. We are just lucky enough to have family and friends scattered all over the USA and because of that, we can save a lot in accommodation. Our family and friends are gracious hosts and are willing to give us free board and lodging during our stay. So why let that offer slip?

We recently went to New York for a very brief weekend getaway. My best friend in Miami saw our pictures from one of the social sites and called me to invite us over her place. We have not been to Florida yet and visiting her and the rest of her family will be a wonderful experience to bond again, catch up on each other's happenings and see the beautiful beaches and places of interest in Florida.

We are planning to visit her in April 2013 during my daughter's spring break. So, I have plenty of time to research about the place, air fares for our connecting flights, Miami airport transfers and shuttles, places to visit, beaches to see and even cruises. My husband really fancy going on a cruise. My best friend and her family will also love the idea of all of us taking a short cruise. There are various ports in Florida and Miami is one of them. I have to make sure that our trip will be covered even if we are taking a cruise. If ever we are short of time because of the cruise, I can rely on the fact that our transfer from the port of Miami shuttle to Miami airport will be covered. I know my friend will help us in our travel plans to make it hassle-free with smooth transfers so as not to inconvenience anyone.

I am already getting excited about this trip. I am not thinking of the cost at the moment because there is still enough time. Our airline is not yet flying to Florida but we can take other routes that will connect us to Miami airport as our entry point. Our company may offer rebated tickets to the nearest destination in Florida and I can purchase then or get other airlines' staff discounted tickets. For now, I am collecting information to make this vacation a truly enjoyable one.

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