15 May 2012

Turn-Over Of Our Condominium Unit

My husband is in the Philippines right now to facilitate the turn-over of the unit and fix the interior of the unit we bought in Quezon City.

We bought some stuff to put in the small unit to make it habitable soon. He just bought a sofa for the unit and will purchase the other necessities soon. It is a small unit, approximately 46 sq.m. only. So, we won't put any divider anymore. It will become a studio flat with all the basic amenities.

Now that the flat is ours, we need to consider the intangible aspect of securing it like having it insured in case of fire or theft or even other events that is within the confines of the property and fire insurance scheme. I may consider asking for an annuity quote from the same insurance company so I know how much it will cost us to secure the property and our future.

Having a property is never an easy feat. However, the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages of owning one. Our next project now is the construction of our dream home. It may happen by the end of this year depending on the flow of cash. I hope when the construction starts, we have enough cash to go around so we don't have to take another loan.

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