06 June 2012

Caution On Online Shopping

I have nothing against online shopping. In fact, I have been shopping online since 2000. I am guilty as charged! However, I felt like I got burned on my last purchase in Cobone deals here in Dubai. They are currently running an electronics deal so I purchased an Apple Macbook Pro for a price which is significantly less than the retail price in Apple Store and other authorized Apple dealers here. Who would miss such  savings, right? Not me.

I bought the deal last 22 May and Cobone promptly facilitated the request and payment on the same day. In fairness, Cobone has done an excellent job on sending the voucher quickly as they have done in my past purchases. This, I thought, was just one of those purchases I have done in their site only a higher ticket this time. The company behind the deal, Multimindsit.com, is the main culprit in all the hassles I have been facing lately. They wrote me last May 23 acknowledging my order and that delivery would take place between 3 to 7 business working days.

Last Wednesday, 30 May, I decided to follow up thinking my order might be delivered anytime soon since the 7 days would lapse on 3 June. I spoke to a staff and was told that the product was scheduled that day. So, I patiently waited and even went home early to personally receive the order. It was already 3:30 p.m. and no sign of any delivery nor a call from the delivery man. I called the company again to check. The same lady I spoke to earlier said that it would be scheduled again the next day, 31 May. So I waited and nothing came. I called the company in the afternoon and was told that they would hold a special delivery on Saturday, 2 June.  The whole day of June 2 went by without a sign of any delivery. So, I called again the very next day which was on Sunday of 3 June. The same lady was surprised that I did not get any delivery. That's when I thought to myself that if she said that my product was scheduled for delivery, how come no one informed her that nobody called me from their company nor someone delivered my laptop? Alarms sounded off. I began to think that the deal was bogus. I asked again when I could receive my Macbook. She put me on hold for what seemed like an eternity only to be promised again that it would be done on the same day until evening. So, you should see the pattern by now. Of course, no call of delivery, no Macbook.

June 4 - Monday, my heart was palpitating because I felt I was being duped already. I called again. As usual, the same lady picked up the line. I asked her what happened to the delivery and again, she was surprised. Obviously, there was no coordination in their part. So I asked her if there was really a product or was I just being scammed. She was apologetic and told me that she was just telling me what was on their list. I asked for her superiors but unfortunately, one is on vacation and the other comes in the afternoon. I asked her to tell her boss to call me right away because even when I was following up through the phone, I was also sending follow up emails from the confirmation mail they sent me last 23 May.  And no one from their company bothers to respond nor call. Some guy called me in the afternoon around 2:30 p.m. that my Macbook would be delivered that day and maximum the next day around afternoon. The company even sent me an email to confirm that my Macbook would be delivered the same day, if not the next day. Well, you guessed it. I didn't receive any call yesterday until evening nor have seen any delivery. As of this writing, I have not received my "promised" Macbook yet. I decided to escalate the matter to the Government of Dubai under the board of Consumers Rights. I raised an official complaint and also called Cobone today to tell them of the fraud.

I am appreciative of how Cobone is handling the matter. However, even if the manager of Cobone gave her word to me that I would get my Macbook today (obviously, I did not!), I just decided to get a refund.

I hope to get my money back and this time I hope I don't get any hiccups. I feel so sad because one company ruined my trust on online shopping. I was just wondering if there is actually a product behind their deals. If there are, shouldn't they be ready for this massive deal? If they ran out of stock, at least inform the clients so we're not left in the dark waiting for a delivery that never happens!

So beware of Multimindsit.com. They have promising deals and really at a good price compared to the retail price in the stores. The question is, will you get what you actually paid for? My answer - NO. So, don't buy from them. If you do, then "I told you so" is all I can say. That's all!

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