15 June 2012

Chibi Millie Sketches

It's not a secret that my daughter can draw and she can draw really well. I am surprised myself to see how her sketches develop from a seed of idea.

Last night, I put her talent to the test again. She already passed when I asked her to make my birthday giveaway logo few months ago. And I love Japanese manga-like drawing so it was what I asked her to draw and she delivered. So, to put her on the spot again and see how she has developed so far, I made her draw our darling little Bichon Frise pooch. She asked me how I envisioned her outcome to be. I told her I just want a front profile of Millie and the other funny antics that she does as a cute, little dog.

Half an hour later, here are her sketches. She has more though but I will post them later because she wants to improve the sketches. She also made a .gif  to make our little pooch wagging and tongue-swaying. Cute and lovely! Kudos to her! I think and feel she will have a bright future in graphics design or even in the field of animation.

Aim for the star my princess because I can see it is within your reach.

All the sketches are done using her Bamboo pen and tablet. All photos are copyright to my daughter.

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