18 July 2013

Common Health Problems During Summer

Summer is here and we cannot deny that fact. Our activities will be limited mostly indoors but the heat does not stop some adventurous people to enjoy the season. So, if you are one of those people who cannot stay put then read on to avoid the risk of common health problems during the hot summer months.

Sunburns and skin cancer risk
The sun is one of the primary cause of sunburn and skin cancer because of the harmful UV rays. Too much exposure to the harmful rays will make you susceptible to skin cancer risk. Exposure to the sun's heat will also give you premature wrinkles and dry skin.

Eye Damage
Not wearing eye protection like sunglasses can damage your eyes leading to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Wearing dark shades can filter harmful UV rays.

Food Poisoning
Food-borne illnesses like food poisoning is common during summer time because some bacteria thrives in heat and spoils food quickly when left in the open. Keep food safe and fresh by putting them in the refrigerator or consuming them on time.

Bug bites
Summer time is a great time for some pesky bugs like mosquitoes, ants and bees. Their sting or bite can pose serious threat when carrying infectious diseases. Avoid buggy areas, remove standing water and spray insect repellants.

Heat stroke
This is a life-threatening condition that must not be taken lightly. The body experiences extreme core temperature rising, like a fever and can lead to permanent damage. Common signs of heat stroke are:

  1. confusion
  2. short, rapid breathing
  3. sweating
  4. a fast pulse

Summer time can make you perspire profusely. This will leave you dehyrdrated and not having enough water will inhibit your internal organs to function normally. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to stay hydrated and if you are active, drink electrolyte water to replenish lost vital nutrients. Avoid fizzy drinks like sodas, alcohol and caffeine as they act as diuretics.


  1. I really agree on this post. Indeed during summer, you will encounter several problems and I can relate on the heat stroke and dehydration... Actually summer is fun especially going outdoors but you will have to suffer a lot if risk. Just a help to prevent this problems is hot drink a lot of water. Thanks for this very informative topic. http://yourdailyjottings.blogspot.com/

  2. I really believe that it's important to drink lots of water everyday. Iwas dehydration talaga ang solution.

  3. You got the right idea there.That's why I make sure my daughter drinks a lot of water so we could avoid the dehydration and I make sure she has no bug bites.

  4. these are great reminders Ria, indeed, it is always important to give ourselves much needed protection when we enjoy life outside.

  5. Sun was a little dehydrated today and it caused him a headache, after some bottled water drinks, he was fine.

  6. Time change na, before.. there is no worry about suffering from heatstroke. Now, grabe, a friend of my suffered one. OPerhaps its because of the gradual climate change.

  7. It is the opposite in here. Summer is actually the busiest season for my daughter to do outdoor stuff. It is the most expensive too. :-(

  8. These are very helpful tips Sis. Thank you so much. It is very important that we have to keep ourselves safe while enjoying the summer. I hate bug bites as it ruin my skin :-(

  9. I agree these are very common health troubles on summer. I love the sun especially in the morning. If only I can get the chance to travel every week to the beach I'll do that. When it comes to food, I often put the food inside the fridge once it cooled down.


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