19 June 2012

Done With The Test

Our department required all of us to learn Flight Time Limitation (FTL), the concept, the requirements, the legalities, the whole nine yards. I have never done any crew scheduling nor planning job before so this topic is very new to me.  I have a vague knowledge about it because I come across the terminology when I was in Flight Operations. However, learning the rudiments of Flight Time Limitation is a big challenge because what normally would take months and regular practice of the scheme was given to us in 6 hours. So you can say that I am having information overload!

I have been reviewing for the past few days. I didn't even get to enjoy the long weekend because I had this FTL in my mind all the time. There are so many requirements and rules to remember and I am having all the numbers and words jumbled up.

The last time I was a student was in graduate school back in the Philippines. And it was 15 years ago. Studying now is harder than it used to be. I think the age factor has something to do with it as well because my memory is not as sharp as it used to. So, when the test came in the morning, my confidence level plummeted. I quickly browsed the 5 pages, back-to-back test paper and got overwhelmed. There were 5 sections with mixed computations, Q & A, definitions and enumerations of rules, limiting factors and requirements!

I looked at the questions knew the answers but somehow, I could not seem to grasp the whole floating words and numbers in my head. I left some items blank because I just went kaput.

All in all, I still did great considering this is not the kind of topic I regularly handle in the office nor have been exposed to at some point in my career life. I passed with a good grade, not a high grade as what I aimed initially but a good one because I surpassed the mark intended for people who are one grade higher than me. For my grade level it is a very good mark. I can't complain :)  I am just happy that it is over! I'll nail it next year.

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