08 June 2012

My Online Shopping Happy Ending

Well, I didn't realize that my online shopping experience with Cobone recently would yield a happy ending after all.  Multimindsit delivered my order first thing in the morning yesterday and that made my day.

I already requested Cobone to facilitate the refund and checked with them yesterday morning if it was done. I had to give them time as their office opens only at 9 a.m.  So when Multimindsit called to say they have my laptop, I had to check with Cobone if my refund was done.  Unfortunately for me but fortunately for Cobone and Multimindsit, the refund was not yet processed so in short, much as I want to just forget all about the hassles I have been through, the better of me (the one that screams "Go, take it! Take it!" and the one yearning for her Macbook Pro for the longest time) decided to receive the laptop of my dreams.

So there. My Thursday was a happy one. I have my laptop and I did my overtime (which will add to my coffer). What more can I ask for?

Okay, just because I had my order delivered, albeit it took long, I will still recommend that you take caution when buying online. Try to get feedback from others you know who have encountered the same company and investigate further. I learned my lesson well. The next time there is a major deal happening in Cobone, I may want to take a rain check and see if the distributor behind the deal is really legit and can commit to a promised delivery. Throw in some good customer service too!

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