10 June 2012

Pacquiao's Defeat

Photo credit: Reuters/yahoo.com

We thought Manny Pacquiao would hold the World Boxing Welter Weight title for a long time. However, like any wins, there are losses. And this major fight was the one that put a stop on Manny's winning streak.

I am not very adept with the technicalities of boxing but just by looking at the statistics of Manny's punches against Timothy Bradley, it was very obvious who won the fight. The judges didn't think so and granted the victory to Bradley who also felt that he had won the fight.

Pacquiao graciously accepted his defeat but was surprised by the verdict. So, there may be a rematch. And if Pacquiao will win that match, then it is pretty obvious that the verdict was biased. Most of the people  thought that Pacquiao is still the rightful owner of the WBW belt anyway. Only Timothy Bradley thinks otherwise.

Next time Manny...next time.

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