16 June 2012

Remembering My Dad On Father's Day

My dad is no longer with us for 6 years now but each day passes with him in my thought and heart. It seems like yesterday when he was still with us. I remember how groovy he was during his younger years. He would put pomade on his hair like Elvis Presley and sometimes drove around town with his motorcycle and schuberth helmet. He would invite his friends over and watch the basketball and he would call us to join him cheer. He taught us how to ride the bike, climb the tree and held our hands when we crossed the street. He was there to guide and nurture us as we grew.

Tomorrow is another Father's Day without my dad. I feel a tightness in my heart because I am used to celebrate Father's Day with him around. I know he is happy now and I am sure that even from where he is, he knows that I love him dearly and that he will always be in my heart.

Tatay, I just want to tell you how much I love you. I didn't have the chance to say it out loud when you were here but I know you know how much I do.  I miss you every single day. Happy Father's Day Dad. You are the greatest dad a daughter could ever have.

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