19 July 2012

Body Pain

I knew I have a fragile health from the time I was born until now. I tried everything I can to improve my immune system and health. I am desperate to lose weight and eat properly and yet, I still feel pain here and there. Could it be due to my soaring weight or age is simply catching up? All I know is that, the slightest move now either sprains me or causes pain in some areas of my body.

I was happily doing Zumba last Sunday, did some exercises last Monday, did ab crunches last Tuesday and yesterday took a rest. I remember reaching for a piece of paper on my office table and next thing I knew and felt was the twitch or slight pain on my right shoulder, almost above the armpit near the joint area. Since then, I noticed that my right arm's movement had been limited. I could not stretch it nor reach the top of my head. It's as if something is blocking my joint movement. There is no swelling. I don't have fever too nor have redness on the affected area but the pain is there.

I applied hot compress the whole night and straightened my right arm when I slept. I am trying to rule out other possibilities like tendinitis, bursitis, impingement or even high uric levels, arthritis or rheumatism. It can be anything until I see a doctor.

I will give myself another night to see how it goes even after I put another batch of hot compress. If the pain does not subside a bit then I am forced to face my dreaded fear - seeing a physician.

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