28 July 2012

Cleaning Weekend

We had a revamp at home last night and I thought we sold most of the unwanted stuff piling in the closet. No wonder the house is crowded because we still have plenty of unused and unwanted items to sell in the flea market this winter. Just by locking at the amount of old clothes, bags, shoes, toys, books, cds and dvds and other what-have-yous, I can tell we'll make a lot of money out of them.

I really thought we downsized already. The last time we sold stuff in the flea market, 90% of the goods were sold and the remaining ones were donated to charity. And I really wonder why we still have so much? Are these stuff purchased recently and forgotten or some items given to us? I really can't tell because I don't recognize most of them except for the clothes, bags, shoes, toys and bags. There are some cds and dvds I have never bought and neither the knick-knacks in the shelves. I do recall buying stuff on our travels but so much? I don't think so. I am wiser now when it comes to buying stuff. It always have to be a want vs. a need decision.

So, our weekend is pretty tiring and hectic. I have some boxes to fill with things to sell. I have to clean them and list them in the inventory as I seriously need the house clutter free. Besides, the extra money out of the proceeds will be added to our savings bonds.

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