27 July 2012

Cobone Deals this Summer

After the hassle I experienced in my last major purchase in Cobone (Macbook Pro), I am more wary now and a bit uncomfortable buying stuff in that site. Cobone has not done anything wrong to me. As a matter of fact, it even facilitated the delivery of my laptop by coordinating with the supplier on my behalf. I find that gesture a good customer service but I am just a wee paranoid. I don't want to have another hassle.

Cobone has great deals these past few weeks. I have been very good so far. There is one item in their current deal that got my attention. It is a handheld air conditioner. Oh this I have got to see! The product is just right for the very hot and humid summer of Dubai. It is pegged at AED 59 only and is battery operated. Not bad. Then I remembered the old-fashioned way of cooling yourself - use a fan! Not the electrical fan but the handheld one you can close or open or the flat hard cardboard kind. They are environmental-friendly, no need for batteries and so cheap. You can actually make one.

So my final decision is to skip the deal. Maybe I should remove Cobone from my subscription list so I don't get tempted checking out their offers.

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