12 July 2012

Gel Fireplace

A better and more economical way to afford a fireplace for your house is to have a gel fireplace instead of the real deal.

I have been obsessing about various fireplace designs for our future house in the Philippines. I know it is hot and humid in our country and having a fireplace is not a wise decision but this is a thing I want incorporated in the design. I do not mind having a faux fireplace as long as there is a mantle there that I can deck with beautiful ornaments.

Now that the gel fireplace is becoming famous, I will reconsider the thought of having the gel fireplace instead of the conventional fireplace, faux or not. Gel fireplace is more environmental friendly because you are not cutting wood but lighting an alcohol-based gel fuel that has passed EPA and OHSA requirements.

So, this can be my new obsession - the gel fireplace. I am really not particular with the design or how big it will be as long as I have a fireplace at home.

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