26 July 2012

I Want A Bike

Christmas is coming not too soon but I know what to ask my husband - a bicycle. It is a simple wish and I don't need the fancy one. I just miss the thrill of riding a bike and going to nearby places and getting fit.

I have been insinuating this "future gift" by asking my hubby to check out bike rack for suvs and probably have one installed in our vehicle. He asked why and I simply said, because it looked good. I just realized that was not the smartest response so I just hope he would get the subtle hints.

I am not asking for top-of-the-line bike. I just want a normal bike I can use when I go to the park or to other nearby areas in our place. Besides, Dubai is quite strict with the proper use of bicycles around town, along the streets and even parks. One has to wear proper biking gears and a reflectorized vest. It is mandatory to wear the vest for safety and visibility especially at night time. I am not going to ride at night anyway but having a bike would surely help me get fit.

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