28 July 2012

Lost Creativity

I woke up one day and realized I don't feel like making handmade cards nor anything crafty. The last scrapbook page I made was a gift to a friend last May and ever since that time, I can't spew anything out of my think-tank. I rested for a while, diverted my attention to something else, went on a vacation and when I came back, nada! Still empty.

My daughter said it must be a creativity-block. I just feel empty there when it comes to creativity. Am I not exploring my brain's right hemisphere more than I used to? Or I am just pre-occupied with other matters that I cannot think of anything creative to do?

I hope this creativity comes back. If not now at least soon because Christmas is just around the corner and I need to make great handmade Christmas cards. Aside from that, I am planning to put into full swing my plan to make a small business out of my craftiness.

I have been researching lately on ways to monetize my hobby. I can sell my handiwork as long as this creative juice keeps flowing. I wanted to incorporate bead jewelry making using Swarovski crystals, Black Spinel Beads and other fancy beads but affordable which I can get back in the Philippines. I also want to create more kawaii plushies and other handmade accessories using cute, miniature food items which I can get from Japan.

I do know that to be able to go forward, I have to have my creativity back or else, there is nothing to make and sell. I am not worried about the e-commerce aspect as I have my own blogs and host which I can use as a platform for my small handicraft business. The problem lies on getting my brain revved up and let the creative juice flow or else. I will be stuck with this dream and plan that never materialize.

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