11 July 2012

Non-Smoking Room Please

Our recent stay in Hard Rock Hotel was pleasant albeit the whiff of cigar in our room. I always request for a non-smoking room whenever we travel. Unfortunately, it is always subject to availability and when we arrived in the hotel, it was almost 11:00 p.m. so the room given to us was a smoking room.

I did not complain anymore as I was tired, disoriented and very sleepy. Last thing on my mind was to be fussy. The room was not smelling bad as I expected it to be. They must have sprayed deodorizer or neutralizer. Albeit the faint smell of smoke, my daughter and I managed to sleep well without smelling like we came from a smokers' lounge.

Next time, I will certainly insist on my preference. That is the reason why I always ensure my booking in advance so they can accommodate my requests.

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