21 July 2012

The Simplest Blessing

I sometimes forget how blessed I am when I feel the little nuisances of life. Complaining on the littlest discomfort is so easy because I tend to look about how I feel without considering the feelings of others.

Today is a good day to change my perspective about life's discomfort and put my place in the shoes of other people.  I just finished doing the laundry without a sweat because I used a fully automatic washing machine. So, I shouldn't be complaining, right? However, the next part was the one that I was trying to avoid given my right shoulder's painful condition and the extreme weather outside (46 degrees Celcius at 11:56 a.m.). I didn't have a choice because I wanted to maximize the hot weather so the clothes could dry fast. I opened the veranda door and the hot air filled the room instantly and I started sweating. It was like standing in front on an open oven door. That is how hot the weather is right now. And then I saw them - the workers. Right in front of our building is a steel fabricating company. I saw the workers in their dirty jumpsuit with towels on their heads working, hammering steels, driving forklifts and doing their day-to-day routine. And there I was, standing on the veranda with our living room airconditioning unit on, putting the clothes to dry in the line for only few minutes and complaining already about the hot and humid weather. My inconvenience and discomfort is so insignificant compared to their hard work and sacrifices to support themselves and their families. It is 46 degrees Celcius outside and they are working, I cannot compete with that.

I took my camera and instantly snapped them. It will always be a reminder for me to not complain and be thankful because I have it easy. This is a testament of how blessed I am and I don't have a reason to doubt it. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see this new perspective in life. And please Lord, bless those hard working labourers outside who have to endure the hot weather to earn an honest living. Bless them all and give them a break.


  1. Hi Ria,
    I am so touched by this post. I don't complain too much about the hot weather, (though I feel it's hotter here than in any part of the Middle East hehehe) but sometimes, I forget that there are people who have to endure that just to earn a living. I remember now the construction workers I always pass by on the way to work. And just like you, I said a silent prayer that God will bless them with good health and strength. Have a nice day, Ria.

  2. Thanks Beth! I missed you in the blogosphere :) Yes, this is such a humbling experience. After that day, I try my level best not to utter a word of complain about how inconvenient a thing or a situation is. I just pause and say a prayer. Helps me keep grounded...

  3. That reminds me of this, "I stopped complaining that I had no shoes when I saw a man with no feet..." I don't think those were the exact words, but you know what I mean :) We don't realize what we have until we start comparing ourselves with others who are worse off. Even they have something to feel thankful about, I guess.

    Hope all's well with you, Ria :).


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