11 July 2012

Weight Loss Dilemma

Again, I got stuck in a very long rut. My friends are losing weight but I am gaining more.

I can't blame anyone but myself because I have allowed it to happen. I used to have a strong will-power and deeply motivated but it is not working these days. I know what to do but I can't seem to push myself.

I have been bugging my other "round" friends to join me in my quest for weight loss for good health and they just keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I am tired waiting for the day when I can actually have a buddy system or a support group to back me up on my endeavor.

Where do I actually start? I don't want to end up fat and miserable. There's nothing wrong when you are plump but if you are having health issues then that is something worth changing. I can't stay like this because it's not making me healthy. I have to start somewhere and I need to do it soon.

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