03 August 2012

College Ring

It's been ages since I last wore my college ring. It's been gathering dust in my jewelry box and I don't know when I can wear it again. It needs to be repaired because the back side of the ring broke. I must have jammed it in the jewelry box when I was sorting stuff.

I like the simple design of my college ring. My mom had it custom-made with an emerald right in the middle. She consulted several brochures of university class rings and found the one that will best represent my alma mater.

I graduated from De La Salle University and it is famously known for the green color of the theme it uses. So, incorporating an emerald in the design was a great idea.

I miss wearing the ring now. It doesn't fit me anymore and I wonder if I can have it re-sized without losing the shape because I don't like bulky college rings. If that doesn't work, I can have it re-done again but I still want the same design my mom made. It's very special to me.

How about you, do you wear your college ring? What design do you prefer?

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