09 August 2012

Drive a Hyundai

I like to drive practical cars or SUVs. I may have my dream car but my preference for an economical and easy to maintain vehicles still prevail.

I have been driving my Hyundai Tucson for 4 years now. I am satisfied with its performance. In those 4 years, I have not encountered any machine issues. It is well maintained and I make sure that I have all the components and mechanism checked. I do recommend Hyundai. If you want to test drive it, you can visit Hyundai Utah if you are in the vicinity or visit any auto dealers nearest you and feel the comfort of a compact suburban vehicle without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Driving an economical SUV like the compact Hyundai Tucson has its many positive points. It is an inexpensive vehicle that is great for city driving. Out Hyundai Tucson has 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with automatic transmission. The gas usage is very economical as we can use the full tank for almost 2 weeks if our regular drive is within the city limits. It does pack much on power like other contemporary vehicles but this is why it is so gas-efficient.

The features of other contemporary vehicles is also present in Hyundai. It has MP3/CD player, airbags for safety, sport handle bars on top, sunroof (optional), manual/automatic transmission, alloy wheels with or without mag wheels and a spacious cabin.

It can seat 5-6 people and has ample space for storage at the back. The seat at the bag can be folded as well to accommodate bulkier items.

The exterior is also something you cannot be embarrassed of even if the price is not at par with other contemporary vehicles. It has a sleek but not bulky design. You can get it painted glossy or pearlized and have other trims if necessary and it will still look beautiful without trying so hard.

Drive one now and find out why having a Hyundai is a good decision when practicality outweighs other trivial factors.


  1. Joey just got his student permit and he's learning how to drive. Hyundai is a good car and we're considering getting one for him.

  2. I want a Hyundai, too, but possibly a model where the whole family can fit ;)

  3. My husband thought of buying a Hyundai SUV for a 4 passenger car too. We wish we did because we had troubles in our current car. We hope to get a Mini Van that can load 7 passengers on our next car. It is because we also have extended family to help with. Good choice of car you have.

  4. I love Hyundai vehicles, my parents' van is Hyundai Grace...still in great shape after all these years!!! ;)

  5. Driving an SUV is still a dream for me... :)


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